Dear Friends,

Our 17-year journey in sharing tea has had many hills and valleys along the way, and you might say we are currently on a mysterious valley floor. This year has especially been a difficult one - customer spending has been in general very minimal and our resources have (at least for the moment) dried up.

We are asking for your contributions to help keep Hidden Peak Teahouse in business.

In addition to our most heartfelt thanks, we are offering our finest pu-erh teas, private tea tasting experiences, and a raffle of rare and unique tea and tea ware (see details below) in return for your generosity.

We are seeking $25,000 so we can keep our operation going in the short term and $50,000 to put into motion plans for increasing our profitability.

If you would like to contribute in ways other than financially, any and all support is welcome.

A Little Bit O'Story

After many years in a very small, simple tea shop the conditions arose to potentially support a move to full-service teahouse and tea shop with all the proverbial bells and whistles. Regardless of conventional business wisdom we chose to follow the knowing that this was truly an opportunity to serve the greater community with a sanctuary devoted to tea, community building, digital detox, and personal reflection.  

The story of how difficult it can be to get a small business going in Santa Cruz quickly became our reality. As demands and restrictions grew, our investment funds quickly dwindled to nothing, and other loans had to be taken out to be able to finish the build-out (which we never finished: ie signage, retail lighting, patio electricity etc). Essentially we opened with a deficit and being that we had, and still have, no savings, when things get slow, paying the bills becomes difficult, if not virtually impossible.

So what is our plan?

Well this year we’ve been blessed to have a mentor who’s advised us on marketing strategies, and helped us implement new routes of commerce.  We’ve just begun to open up wholesale opportunities for select retailers, started a daily to-go tea project, we’re in process with implementing a monthly membership tea club,  and things are in the works for a traveling tea workshop/seminar offering.

These advances are very inspiring and we hope to continue cultivating them.  If we are able to have this public appeal manifest funds we would like to significantly expand our food selection, invest in contemporary tea wares and convenience items to sell (electric kettles, mesh strainers, etc), finally get prominent signage for the teahouse, significantly expand advertising, invest in kitchen equipment to expand our food-prep potential, and re-introduce a more diverse selection of tea for retail.

This letter comes on the tail end of a very long process of trying to figure it out on our own.  Now we’re at the honest point of admitting we need help. If finances aren’t possible we truly welcome your continued support in all ways seen and unseen. Will the Hidden Peak survive this dry, difficult time? I guess we’ll find out soon……

Yours in Tea,
David & Marilee

Contribute to our Fundraiser

Contributions can be made online (you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation) or in person. If you would like to make a contribution of more than $10,000 via our online site, you will have to make two separate transactions. Contributions are not tax-deductible.

For a Contribution of:

Sunday, January, 2017 is the last day to make a contribution to the Hidden Peak Teahouse and receive these amazing offerings.

$50 or more

  • 2 oz package of an elite one-time blend of Shou Pu-erh tailored specifically for this fundraising effort.

$100 or more

  • 2 oz package of Premium Shou Pu-erh Blend.

$250 or more

  • 2oz Premium Shou Pu-erh Blend.
  • Private Tea Tasting* includes a flight of at least three pu-erh teas.

$500 or more

  • 4oz Premium Shou Pu-erh Blend.
  • 1 oz "Panchen Lama" ripened sheng ($75 retail per ounce)
  • Private Tea Tasting* includes a flight of juxtaposed two Shou & two Sheng Vintage Pu-erh Teas.

$1,000 or more

  • 4oz Premium Shou Pu-erh Blend.
  • 1 oz package of "3917" Ripened Sheng Pu-erh ($125 retail per ounce).
  • Private Tea Tasting* of at least three pre-1990 Aged Sheng Pu-erh Teas.

$5,000 or more

  • 4 oz package of Hidden Peak Fundraiser Premium Shou Pu-erh  Blend,
  • 1 oz package of “Panchen Lama” Ripened Sheng Pu-erh ($75 retail per ounce),
  • 1 oz package of “3917” Ripened Sheng Pu-erh ($125 retail per ounce),
  • 1 oz package of “Human Brick” Ripened Sheng Pu-erh ($375 retail per ounce),
  • Private Tea Tasting* includes the trinity of Heaven Brick, Earth Brick, and Human Brick offers a rare glimpse into the transcendent potential of fine Aged Sheng Pu-erh. This tasting should allow for a minimum of three hours to unlock the qualities of these finest of teas!

*All Private Tastings are for three people and are hosted by Hidden Peak's David Wright in a private tea room. Expect at least two hours for your private session.

A Raffle & Great Prizes!

Congratulations to our raffle winners!

  • Grand Prize Collection = Roger
  • 1st Runner Up = Jan
  • 2nd Runner Up = Tracey

Grand Prize Collection

  • 60 Pieces of 1980's Mini Tuocha in Yixing Caddy (minimum retail value $420 for tuochas)
  • 1 oz Mid 1970's Red String Aged Sheng Pu-erh (ounce price $550)
  • One Red Yixing Clay Gung Fu teapot with removable strainer (rare!) circa 1985 - mint condition in original cloth box
  • One Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) Blue & White small plate (great as a shallow tea boat)

First Runner Up

  • 1 oz early 1960's Aged Loose Leaf Pu-erh (Treasured 40 Years)
  • 1 oz Mid-1970's Timber Bamboo Aged Pu-erh (Dai Bamboo Lot #1)
  • One Red Shui Ping Yixing Gung Fu teapot circa 1990 - mint condition

Second Runner Up

  • Mid to Late 1990's "9016" Shou Pu-erh Tuocha 250g (retail value $325)
  • Ru Kiln Celadon Gaiwan (retail value $125)