Thank you to our many friends of the Hidden Peak Teahouse for your contributions to the teahouse.  We are truly touched by all the people who have donated money, offered their services, written us letters of support, and shown that they care.

Together we are working toward the continuation of a unique business that offers so much more than just a good pot of tea.

So far we have raised about $8,500!  Wow!  Thank you everyone!

The donations we have received have gotten us through a really sticky spot. But we are not in the clear yet. Below is a list of the goals that we hope to meet by January 1, 2017

How wonderful it would be to start the year afresh with optimism and renewed vigor for tea life and all the blessings that it brings; and a confidence that Hidden Peak Teahouse can continue being a conduit for that.

A little about the teahouse barrier and how you can help.

Due to the fact that Hidden Peak Teahouse is a unique and pioneering business, there is a hidden barrier that we constantly need to push. And that is education.

If a new dessert place opens up, or coffee shop, people know what to expect. Not so with the Hidden Peak Teahouse.

Sometimes people expect an English Teahouse when they hear the word teahouse. Few know what to expect when they come upon Hidden Peak. They are intimidated by something they have no point of reference for. Puerh tea? What is that? Gung fu tea service? Sheng and shou? It has been very apparent that part of our job is turning people onto this old tradition, and educating people.

You can help us with this education by bringing friends, sharing with co-workers, and inviting others to try Gung Fu Tea at Hidden Peak Teahouse. In addition, please invite your friends to join our raffle and fundraiser.

Your financial contributions can help give the capital to help us minimize our debt load, create new and fresh merchandise, add new food selection to the menu, make the Teahouse more visible and approachable, and begin an advertising campaign to give the public an education on what people can expect when they come to visit.  


PHASE I.  $1-16,000

  • Significantly reduce debts so that we can operate more sustainably
  • Initial investment in fresh new merchandise

PHASE II.   $16,000-31,000

  • Bring in new vendor for new food options to add to the menu.
  • Merchandise expansion
  • Begin advertising campaign

PHASE III.  $31,000-50,000

  • Add lit signs and increase visibility to our beautiful off the beaten path location
  • Add better lighting to the retail area
  • Bring in other diverse tea options
  • Expand advertising campaign

By making a contribution, you are entered into our Raffle Fundraiser on December 21st. Also, all contributions made by January 1, 2017 receive an offering of our gratitude in the form of tea and tea tastings.

Together we can do it!

Marilee Wright