Tea of the Month Gallery

Panchen Lama

Rustic refinement with a high elevation perspective.

Thank you Dalton Johnson for the tabletop imagery.

Aged Black Gallery

Thank you Dalton Johnson for the photography.

A Walk with Trinity

Check out the video and images from a walk through Santa Cruz with a thermos of our tea of the month, Trinity.


With a goal of giving you as uncut of a video as possible, to tell the story of our journey organically, check it out!


Thank you Dalton Johnson Media for the video and images, you can check out more of his work on FacebookInstagram, or his website.

Video Interview: Gung Fu Tea: Coming Home to Yourself

Owner David Wright shares his thoughts on Gung Fu Tea and how tea's inspiration lead him and his wife Marilee to open the Hidden Peak Teahouse in 2012.