• Santa Cruz Chi Center (map)
  • 1119 Pacific Ave. #300
  • Santa Cruz, CA 95060

David Wright and Lee Holden partner for a special event to bring you Gong Fu Tea and Qi Gong. In-Person and Streaming Live Online in HD.

Learn the Timeless Tea Brewing Ceremony of Gong Fu Tea to Open Energy and Powerful Qi Gong Flows to Activate Inner Vitality.

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Qi Gong and Tea have long been part of traditional Chinese Medicine. Seen as the "art of preventing disease and prolonging life", Qi Gong and tea both help the energy in the body stay healthy and balanced.

Qi Gong is a form of moving meditation that mirrors the movements of nature. Tea, coming from nature, is an elixir for creating balanced energy in the body and clarity in the mind.

In combination, Qi Gong practice, meditation, Zen, and Gong Fu Tea bring clarity to the mind, enhance our ability to stay present, and create a ritual that brings attention back to where we are.

In this workshop we’re going to learn how to use the ancient ritual of Gong Fu Tea as a powerful vehicle for increasing presence and heightened awareness. Lee Holden will be leading calming, grounding, and centering Qi Gong flows to support the consciousness-raising benefits of the tea ceremony.

In this workshop we will:

  • Uplift our consciousness and get present using tea and Qi Gong
  • Learn the finer points of Gong Fu Tea ceremony from David Wright
  • Support our health and energy through drinking Pu-erh tea and practicing Qi Gong
  • Practice calming, grounding, and healing Qi Gong Flows with Lee Holden
  • Enliven our bodies, minds, and spirits with warm tea and Qi Gong
  • Drink Pu-erh tea!

Learn More and register at HoldenQiGong.com