Pu-erh tea can be a confusing if not intimidating category of tea to explore. Preferences, opinions, and dogma of all kinds can hinder what could be a rather joyful exploration. Please allow us to welcome you into our private study-room for a two hour tea tasting and informative discussion of pu-erh's sub-categories, histories, physical & mental health benefits, and hidden potentials as a transformative plant ally.

Join owner David Wright for this tea talk held in a private tea room with up to five people. You will have the opportunity to drink high-quality tea, steep in the discussion, and ask questions.

$30 Per Person ($10 non-refundable deposit)

Tea Session Registration & Important Information

Class sizes are limited to five people, and advance registration with $10 non-refundable deposit is required. Please call (831)423-4200 or ask our staff for more information.

If you need to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice and we will happily apply your deposit to a future class. Sorry, but if you cancel your registration, your deposit cannot be transferred to retail or tea house purchases.

We need a minimum of three people registered the night before a class is scheduled, or the class will be canceled. If we cancel a class, we will happily apply your deposit to another class, offer you a store credit, or refund your deposit.

Thank you for your interest!