Tea's travels around the globe and its subsequent adoption into vastly different cultures, has provided us in this modern era, with a plethora of preparatory methods to choose from. The Hidden Peak Teahouse has taken gung fu tea service as its main mode (showcased in the fact that every table has a drain) for a number of reasons.

We like its adaptability. Gung fu tea can be a highly stylized orthodox procedure or an adjunct to a relaxed social catch-up. It can be something that only pertains to the preparation of tea leaves or the foundation of an entire way of life. In essence it becomes what you want it to become. It is the moment meeting the moment. We also love its innate ability, as a device, to slow people down.

The basic rudiments with their rhythmic flow create a calm pool of relaxation by their very design. Another aspect of gung fu cha that we prize is that it is just FUN to do it! Playful and meandering - mysterious and satisfying…

While observing gung fu tea in action one gets the impression that everything involved has a profound sense of meaning. The relationship of the server to each piece of equipage, handled with utmost dexterity and care indicates encoded historical value. From the knowledge of the origin and base materials of each piece, to the grace with which they are used, the practitioner (ideally) exudes the basic principles of Cha Tao: Harmony, Simplicity, Reverence, and Respect. Giving each guest the opportunity to relax into a timeless moment of grace.

By the way, gung fu tea is also one of the most effective ways to bring out the highest potential qualities of our dear leaf. By learning and practicing the regulation of the amount of leaf used, the temperature of the water, and the length of the steeping time, one can truly become a conveyer of the exalted aspects of each tea that the producer wished to showcase. You do the tea justice, you honor all of the effort it took to grow, craft, package, and transport the tea. You can give your guest the gift of your devoted practice: a brew made with patience, precision, and skill - the true essence of gung fu.