share in the experience and mystery of a cup of tea

We offer many ways for you to learn more about Gung Fu Cha, tea history, tea mythology, tea processing and more.

In addition to our public tea events, we offer you the opportunity to customize a tea event or tasting for your family, friends, and/or co-workers. Events can be held in our private study, in our main Teahouse, at your home, at your business, or at an event or retreat center.

The options described below are designed to be starting points. Please feel free to call us at (831)423-4200 or use the contact form below to design a custom event or tasting to fit your unique needs.

Tea Events Hosted at Hidden Peak Teahouse

Tea Tasting & Discussion

Up to Five People / 2-3 hours

Join founder David Wright in his Private Tea Study for a selection of fine Pu-erh Tea. This intimate gathering of your friends allows you to drink fine teas sourced by David for the Hidden Peak Teahouse and explore the aspects of tea that interest you most.

$200 / $40 Non-Refundable Deposit

Rare Tea Tasting & Discussion

Up to Five People / At Least 3 Hours

Like our Tea Tasting & Discussion described above, but featuring a selection of rare teas sourced by David Wright. Please call (831)423-4200 to discuss your interests with David.

Price Determined by Selection / $40 Non-Refundable Deposit

Tea Presentations

Up to 20 People / 2-3 hours / $600

Up to 15 People / 2-3 hours / $500

Up to 10 People / 2-3 hours / $400

For larger groups, please inquire to arrange a custom event

Join founder David Wright for an interactive demo, tea presentation, and question & answer session. Taste fine teas sourced for the Hidden Peak Teahouse by David. Most sessions are offered from 9-11am so that you might enjoy the ambiance of the Hidden Peak Teahouse with your private group.

$100 Non-Refundable Deposit

Tastings, Events, Workshops, & Retreats

Hidden Peak Teahouse founder David Wright is available to pour tea for your intimate home gatherings or for workshops and events. Please call (831)423-4200 to discuss your vision and ideas with us.

Weddings & Celebrations

Host Your Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception at Hidden Peak Teahouse

Are you looking for a unique venue to host an intimate Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception? The Hidden Peak Teahouse and our staff are available to serve you and your guests on your special day. Please call to inquire about options and prices.

Offer Gung Fu Tea to Your Guests

Are you wanting to offer your wedding guests a tea service as part of your wedding ceremony or reception? Founder David Wright is available to travel to your wedding site and share the ritual of gung fu tea with your guests. Please call to inquire about options and prices.

Below are a few photos of one of the weddings hosted here at Hidden Peak Teahouse. 

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