A rare example of a carefully dry-stored small leaf tea with wet-stored flavor. Complex and earthy while exceptionally clean.


401 is a blend of two shou pu-erhs made for advanced drinkers. This was a small production tea made with small leaf grade raw materials, one from 1996 and one from 1998. After blending there was a three-year after-maturing for optimal harmonization.


A unique aspect of this tea is its Hong Kong/Yunnan flavor profile. Wet storage pushed the ripening in early stages followed by years of much lower humidity. The result is a flavor and aroma profile that presents the interesting palette of wet storage without the physical down side of ingesting “moldy tea”.

"401" (1996/1998)

    • Vintage: 1996 - 1998
    • Category: Shou
    • Format: Loose leaf
    • Leaf Grade: 3
    • Growing Region: Lincang
    • Blend of two different teas
    • After-matured 3 years


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