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Meeting our criteria for purity, Lincang Old Tree was chosen to be an entry-level item in our product line. While meeting the quality standards of Unblended Brick and Trinity, this tea (due to its low price point) is a great beginners tea for people with high quality standards.


For those who are just exploring the world of pu-erh, Lincang gives an opportunity to bypass the mountains of inferior product on the market and begin with the quality tea you deserve.

Lincang Old Tree (2008)

    • Vintage: 2008

    • Category: Shou

    • Format: Zhuan Cha (rectangle tea brick)

    • Growing Region: Lincang

    • Production: Menghai

    • Seed-grown, organic plants

    • Old tree

  • This is an easy tea to drink. It has basic utilitarian usage (easy for work, bringing to school, etc.), and just the right amount of finesse so that you feel like you're treating yourself to something special.


    WET LEAF: beautifully even black/brownmeaty, large grade leaves


    BROTH: perfect deep red/brown cup • flavors of peat humus, asparagus, lychee, and aroma of fresh-baked brown bread


    ENERGY: the chi of the tea is an easy mid-ground • definite energy delivery while balanced, tempered and navigable



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