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Transported from ancient times - old-world crafting for the modern drinker.


A satisfyingly hefty brick for the seasoned connoisseur. This Mang Fe pu-erh meets the criteria of a well cared for tea. Each brick has such effervescence; playful and alive. A dark stout-like brew or a clear amber hue - this tea has versatility and likes you to tinker with it.


There are very definite layers in this tea. We recommend that you take note of different characteristics as you become familiar with it and test your gung fu, trying to showcase them.


Ingredients: tea

If stored properly, vintage teas can continue to age over time.

Mang Fei Shan Brick (1990s) - Sale!!

$108.00 Regular Price
$81.00Sale Price
    • Vintage: late 1990's

    • Category: Shou

    • Format: Fang Cha (square tea brick)

    • Leaf Grade: Unblended/large

    • Growing Region: Mang Fe Shan

    • Old tree

  • Mang Fe Shan is refreshingly well made. It hearkens back to times when quality was all we knew, and everything had primary, vital importance. It speaks of unpretentious care in a craft.



    beautiful, large, dark, coarse leaves • exuding much glistening juice.



    thick and dense • much structure and body makes this a stand-your-teaspoon-in-it cup



    alive with equilibrium and sustainable energy • this tea is comfortable while artistically creative

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