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The American-Japanese-Canadian-Spanish directed Thriller film “Piranhaconda: Deadly Enemy of Humans”. The “Piranhaconda: Deadly Enemy of Humans” story, written and directed by Frederick Wong, was co-written by Cheryl Bell and Todd Stashwick. It is based on the 2013 German/Canadian/Spanish thriller Piranha 3D. The film also stars Kane Hodder, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Seth Green, Brinke Stevens, Jackie Earle Haley and Sam Huntington. The film is based on the 1983 American horror film Piranha and a sequel by the same name. Directed by Daniel Crown, the film stars John Heard, Dylan Sprayberry, Lara Flynn Boyle, Erik Stolhanske, and M. C. Gainey. It was released on April 2, 2012, by Summit Entertainment. The film was released as Piranha 3D in the UK and Germany, and as Piranha in Australia and New Zealand. The film has grossed $48.5 million in the United States and Canada and over $88 million worldwide. Plot In a small town in Oregon, a biologist named Jillian Reiss (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) lives in a motel, while studying tropical fish. A student, Richard Swann (Seth Green), has written to her about his piranha-injected research, but the letter has the unintended effect of turning the piranhas into super-tasty man-eating monsters, which then make their way to the motel. Jillian and her friend, Loren (Brinke Stevens), attempt to escape, and one of the piranhas follows them to the parking lot. There, they manage to evade the monster, but their car is subsequently stolen. Richard and Jillian then find the Piranha family and swarms of piranha waiting for them. However, Loren is killed, while Richard's arm is bitten off. With the help of a strange stranger named Butch (Kane Hodder), Richard, Jillian and an injured Richard's family and friends try to keep the beasts at bay and go on a journey to the town's dam. Cast Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Jillian Reiss Kane Hodder as Butch Seth Green as Richard Swann Brinke Stevens as Loren Jackie Earle Haley as Hammond Swann M. C. Gainey as Oscar Hammond Lara Flynn Boyle as Mrs



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