1999 Mini Tuocha (shou)

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1999 Mini Tuocha (shou)


Tightly compressed mini tuo with classic flavor profile made by the people who invented the mini tuocha.

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  • Vintage: 1999

  • Category: Shou

  • Format: Mini Tuocha (bowl shaped)

  • Package Size: 6 Pieces (approx 1 oz)

  • Growing Region: Lincang

  • Seed-grown, organic plants

  • After-matured more than 2 years

Made by the people who invented the mini tuocha, this unblended, seed-grown tea was the last production they made under patent. This is a classic shou profile having all of the qualities you want from a ripe tea but in an exalted presentation that is hard to find.

What's It Like?

Very hard pressed tuocha opens slowly, revealing its layers in successive steepings. Very nice to give it two rinses and a three minute rest before the first infusion to allow for opening.

Wet Leaf:

small grade broken leaf • even in oxidation and with medium luster • leaves are almost true black


deep red/brown with golden edge • pleasant medium-viscosity mouth-feel


comfortably balanced between alert and relaxed • take it to the armchair for a good read or the woodpile for a chop