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Extra! Raw tea comes ripe! Get it while you can!


3917 is a very drinkable cusp tea graduating from raw, racy, and astringent to ripe, contemplative and mellowing. This is a tightly compressed tuocha with layers to peel.


In the last five years it has started to become drinkable due to the techniques of our senior tea masters using dynamic low elevation valley storage techniques. I was given one of these as a gift by one of my teachers in 2010 - I just assumed it would be at least another 15 years before it started to be drinkable (because of how green it was). Tasting it with him in 2014 in Kunming I couldn't believe it was the same tea. It has darkened considerably and now was more than easy to enjoy.


Ingredients: tea

If stored properly, vintage teas can continue to age over time.

"3917" (1996)

    • Vintage: 1996
    • Category: Lao Sheng (old, ripened raw)
    • Format: Tuocha (bowl shaped)
    • Size: 250g
    • Production: Kunming
    • Seed-grown, organic plants
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