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A warm and approachable mountain village tea.


Sourced through a family friend in the Himalayan foothill village of Tengchong. This tea puts a smile on your face, due, in part we believe, to the jovial demeanor of the woman in charge of its production - a jolly tea master devoted to showcasing the best qualities of her region.


Grown at high elevation in sprawling, spacious gardens, the tea has the benefit of the cleanest air, water, and rich volcanic soil. A friendly tea that transports you, wherever you are, to the old world ambiance of the Himalayas.


Ingredients: tea

If stored properly, vintage teas can continue to age over time.

Big Blessing (2008)

    • Vintage: 2008

    • Category: Shou

    • Format: Beeng Cha (round tea cake)

    • Leaf Grade: Blended

    • Growing Region: Tengchong

    • Seed-grown, organic plants

    • After-matured (1/2 year) and stored by the tea masters who made this tea

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