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Rustic refinement with a high elevation perspective.


Panchen Lama offers the budding connoisseur an affordable opportunity to explore dry-storage ripened 1980's sheng.


The clean delivery, crystal broth, sweet aftertaste and uplifting energy make it very approachable, an excellent entry-level Lao Sheng Cha. At the same time, many advanced aficionados have commented on its instant satisfaction and clean well-preserved storage profile.


For those familiar with the teas produced specifically for the high Himalayan population in places like Tibet and Mongolia, the qualities of this tea will be immediately recognizable as something commissioned for the Panchen Lamas region.


Ingredients: tea

If stored properly, vintage teas can continue to age over time.

Panchen Lama (1980s)

    • Vintage: 1980's
    • Category: Lao Sheng (old, ripened raw)
    • Format: Zhuan Cha (rectangular tea brick)
    • Growing Region: Xishuangbanna
    • Seed-grown, organic plants
    • Size: approximately 250g
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