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A fine example of date flavor and lotus aroma perfectly balanced. Trinity is a rich, relaxing, and benevolent tea.


Trinity is mellow. Trinity is smooth and round. Trinity is delectable. You get the picture.


This tea is a testimony to the value of taking one's time. Although a shou, Trinity wasn’t released until eight years after production to ensure a guaranteed connoisseur product.


Three teas, two from our teachers' gardens and one from a neighbor, were harvested, processed, and set to store in the year 2000. After seven years the separately stored raw materials were blended and bricked - then put away for a year to allow integration and harmonization.


Ingredients: tea

If stored properly, vintage teas can continue to age over time.

Trinity (2000)

    • Vintage: 2000

    • Category: Shou

    • Format: Zhuan Cha (rectangular tea brick)

    • Leaf Grade: 9

    • Seed-grown, organic plants

    • After-matured 3 years and stored by the tea masters who made the tea

  • One of our cornerstone bricks, Trinity is not known to disappoint. It is elegant, viscous, exquisitely dark, and luxurious. There is