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Join us on Tuesdays as we consider Puerh Tea in its totality, free of absolutes, full of possibilities.


This weekly class offers a comprehensive exploration of tea, guiding you through Puerh’s theoretical and empirical properties.


In Tea theory, we will delve into the essence of tea and explore the understanding of tea as a method for mindfulness. We consider together the rituals and ambiance of tea ceremonies, uncovering the tales and cultural traditions that surround tea. With this knowledge, we ponder the past in an attempt to make sense of the present condition. We curate tools that can make tea transformative for you, as you can learn how to create moments of much-needed mental space in your daily life.


In Tea Empiricism, we take a hands-on approach, understanding tea in terms of how it appeals to our senses. We trace the journey of tea leaves from field to cup, learning about cultivation, harvest, and production. We explore diverse tea varieties within the Puerh family, their characteristics, and the art of brewing a perfect cup. We break down customs and etiquette associated with tea drinking through multiple cultures' lenses. In all, we incorporate into this part of the class an understanding of tea taxonomy, definitions, methods, and history.


Whether you seek inspiration or practical knowledge, these classes seek to provide a complimentary understanding, providing a deeper appreciation for the possibilities that tea can bring. Expect jumps from the theoretical to the empirical and vice versa, as they compromise the totality that tea is. Join us, and take part in a collaborative inquiry into our relationship as a species with this plant.

*Class sizes are limited to 12 participants*

*5 participants needed to initiate session, refunds and alerts provided if class isn't filled 24 hours hour before*


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