Trinity 2000 (shou)


Trinity 2000 (shou)

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A fine example of date flavor and lotus aroma perfectly balanced. Trinity is a rich, relaxing, and benevolent tea.

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  • Vintage: 2000
  • Category: Shou
  • Format: Zhuan Cha (rectangular tea brick)
  • Leaf Grade: 9
  • Seed-grown, organic plants
  • After-matured 3 years and stored by the tea masters who made the tea


The genie is in the lamp... when the genie is released, the smell is of ancient times.
— David Wright, Co-Owner

Trinity is mellow. Trinity is smooth and round. Trinity is delectable. You get the picture.

This tea is a testimony to the value of taking one's time. Although a shou, Trinity wasn’t released until eight years after production to ensure a guaranteed connoisseur product.

Three teas, two from our teachers' gardens and one from a neighbor, were harvested, processed, and set to store in the year 2000. After seven years the separately stored raw materials were blended and bricked - then put away for a year to allow integration and harmonization.

What's It Like?

One of our cornerstone bricks, Trinity is not known to disappoint. It is elegant, viscous, exquisitely dark and luxurious. There is virtually no astringency and the date and lotus aroma are pronounced.

Wet leaf:

appearance is dark rust/black with light gloss • beautiful precious wood/peat moss aroma exudes immediately upon removing the teapot lid


an unctuous liquor with supple texture and heady lingering finish • broth tone is crystal red transparent


this tea is often ordered here when someone wants true tea in the evening • it is gentle, benevolent, slow-infused energy

House Commentary 


My good friend, Ronn used to say when problem solving, “There seemed to be no solution. Then I had a pot of Trinity and everything made sense.” Trinity is a contemplative tea. It has confidant structure with strong, purposeful layering and finishing on a fine balance point.

There has been an accepted statement about shou pu-erhs (even though there hasn’t been enough long-term testing) that they can’t be aged past 15 years. Take one sip, or even better yet, just one smell of Trinity and you will see that this tea is still in its ascent towards the peak - and it is right now (in 2015) exactly 16 years old!

Sweet and sultry with a velvety mouth-feel and exuding aroma this tea hits on the upper level of refinement. A house favorite ideal for the experienced connoisseur and the “I know nothing about this” newbie.