Unblended Brick 2006 (shou)


Unblended Brick 2006 (shou)

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Sweet & clear, perfectly-balanced, with a beautiful lingering after-taste, and crystal clear broth. Our quality benchmark.

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  • Vintage: 2006
  • Category: Shou
  • Format: Fang Cha (square tea brick)
  • Leaf Grade: 8
  • Growing Region: Lincang
  • Seed-grown, organic plants
  • After-matured (1/2 year) and stored by the tea masters who made the tea
This is my all-time favorite tea, and I generally don’t have favorite anythings!
— David Wright, Co-Owner

Unblended Brick was crafted down to the finest micro-detail to represent the first Kunming Factory breakthrough shou pu-erh from 1975 coded 7581. This tea not only follows the same lines of production, but it puts into play 30 years of experimentation and refinement expressing the maturity of what the process has become.

It is the alpha and the omega. It is the un-carved block. It is perfection!


What's It Like?

This tea comfortably meets you where you are at. There is no resistance, no struggle, barely a learning curve. It is easy to approach and delightful to drink. In doing recon on bad first experience pu-erh drinkers, Unblended Brick (10 out of 10 times) has them saying something along these lines: “I love pu-erh!”

Wet Leaf:

gorgeous even leaves exuding juice • brilliant dark rust color • lotus aroma opening into notes of musk, precious woods, and clean culinary mushrooms


viscous liquor with perfect brown/orange umber tones • flavor carries red date, fig, and slightly toasty • exhale is clean and cool


this tea has chi with intelligence • it is purposeful like an all-seeing-eye, reaching into the dark recesses and bringing the light

House Commentary

Hands down the golden child of this operation, we have never seen so much customer satisfaction around one tea. Green tea drinkers, black tea aficionados, oolong connoisseurs, all swoon in this tea. We watched as our best-selling Earl Grey and Jasmine Pearl took seats behind this strangely humble but refined brick.

Unblended is a delicate balance between refined/elegant and humble/rustic. This is not a rock star bowl-you-over at the forefront tea. It is drinkable in a very “It’s good to be home” kind of way. It offers warmth, congeniality, humanity.

This tea became the benchmark of purity for us. A teacher of balance, cleanliness, structure, and integrity. May we continue to learn from it.